by Yamin Semali

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B del Rosario Clever. Creative. Complex. Appreciate good music! Favorite track: Never Leave.
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aplusashley Yamin is a really talented artist, and his passion and attention to detail is really up there. This is an entirely self-produced album, and Yamin's music sounds like it is either from another place or another time. Projects by producer emcees are my favorite, and this is one of those I hope the world gets to hear because it is authentic, witty, and it sounds amazing. Favorite track: Never Leave.


all lyrics, music, and scratches were written and produced by Yamin Semali (AmDex/BMI) for Yen Dollar Music, LLC except 3 and 15 produced by Illastrate for Illastrate Productions (ASCAP) and 10 produced by Ralo for Rahgroove Publishing (SESAC) // 9 co-written by Truth Be Cold, 11 co-written by Boog Brown (Boogie Brown Girl Entertainment/SESAC) and Blc Txt, 12 co-written by Gotta Be Karim (Hameed's Publishing/ASCAP) and Chopp (Cherub Stewart/ASCAP), 14 co-written by DT (Lester's House/ASCAP) and 15 co-written by John Robinson (A Little Science Music, ASCAP)


released February 12, 2013

all songs written and produced by Yamin Semali (AmDex/BMI) except for where noted



all rights reserved
Track Name: Hello Again (Yamintro)

You should already know what's up
On my King shit and you can watch the royal flush
This could be your final hour so enjoy the rush
A-town, stay down and imma hold you up,

like a mugging taking shots at a head target
Black Hollywood is what I heard some heads call it
The way I paint the city, you would think I bled on it
I'm tracking red clay all over the red carpets

I could see before, who was in it for the gusto
Everybody wanna rap, but don't know what the fuck fo
I heard a lot of shit but they aint saying much though
First they ball then they fall like Nutso

I ain't  running shit, I move best with huge steps,
But people wonder if Yamin can fill the shoes yet,
my crew left but now I'm feeling like I'm Yusef
I owe this all to dreams, so I'm happy you slept

So hello

Welcome back

Remember me?

Some of ya'll might wanna consider just staying gone
'cause you can't keep it up, it's gonna get real ugly out here

No doubt

It's Yamin Semali
Track Name: Yamin
Verse 1:

Black sheep, raised by a wolf pack
No disguise you ain't gotta pull the wool back
Over eyes, this is something you should look at
Blow your mind and I ain't even gotta cook that
Raw shit, keep it live like an enzyme
Pleasure's all yours, but it's his time
So if you listen to the clock, every tick's mine,
I'm out the cast, I ain't really trying to get signed
I'm "big boi", each tracks like 3 stacks
I'm from the point, but I'm bout to bring the east back
Take the vibe home to the time zone
On everything I own, cuz I'll never have to lease that
You can call him Dex, but the growth is exponential
They called him "Little" but he had that Malcolm X potential,
Shabazzing on em like I took a Hajj to Mecca's temples
Stargating, Yamin be the 7th symbol


We might not know where to go,
What to say or what to show,
But there's one thing that we know
And that's just who we are

Verse 2:

Motor mouths gassed up but I'm the engine-ear, promoters doubt and passed up for the shit you hear
But listen here, I done watched so many disappear
Marathon paragon that the sprinters fear
All their lines are finished and your just in time to witness, so if it's true you got the crown  homie I'm the dentist,
Don't bite the hand that bleeds ya,
Just pass the anestesia,
Inhale the gases deeper this will be your last procedure,
I got a mask for sleepers,
Talk is cheap, but rap is cheaper
So take a nap and ask the reaper if he's glad to meet
Here's a glass of ether, for a fashionista, your jacket hat and sneakers can't compete with master teachers ,
See you're plastic as visa, still lack credit , and never been half as magnetic as the back is either
I never kiss ass I'd rather show mine,
I'm skipping trig class, keep your cosines,
We eat our dinners, talking math over the time tables, so if I go on a tangent it's still the right angle
No telling who I might strangle with this mic cable
I pimp the system like I had an all-white stable
I got a black beauty and she act boujee on broke batch fixing her lips to yap loosely , it gets back to me and I'm flattered absolutely
and Life can be a movie, but someone would have to shoot me

Track Name: Are You Sure?
If the eyes are the windows into the soul
The mind's door is the mouth, the key is control
Sensi out the chimney, no lumber or coal,
You can smell it, i exhale it when it comes from the nose
I got room to grow, no trees need pruning
Turn down mid like I've been EQin'
So you already know what we doin'
Go hard in the paint like Big P Ewing

No crossing over, see that's the Harda way;
no penny loafing got my tim's tied all the way,
I hope you listening but really y'all it's hard to say,
so many homonyms, you take it light, I call it day,
of course the pun's intended, long as it's fun I'm with it, cherry stem watch her put it on her tongue and twist it, very slim, that's the chances of your luck to hit it,
Where and when? 2 questions, when I come and kick it.

Alphabet alpha male, and youre a gangsta, you kill time cuz it tells
When the tables turn watch them put they heads in shells
1200 technics from the heavens fell,
handed to the captives in the depths of hell
I guess somebody heard us yell for help and dealt us well,
now we got an outlet to let us out the devil's cells so
I'm sold that I'm free, even if I never sell


So turn around

Are you really Sure

Because it's just a feeling

Can you feel it...All Around?

Sipping wine, Eye's redder than the terminator,
Observing Earth and the truth working in her creatures
Tainted love hurts worse than the words of haters
Who fake Jax like Chris Thurston impersonators
I never buy lies y'all selling, they say lighten up like Vybez Cartel and,
Sam Sosa, now they look Bram Stoker,
ought to get ran over by a land rover
Bottom of the bottle now I can't stand sober,
I still flex like Mad Cobra doing yoga
tighter than a boa, flyer than a poster,
Doin it til death, while you're dying in a coma,
Line going flat, like an open diet soda
I been had the knack, niggas eyeing my Sharona
If you wanna throw stones at the iron Ayatollah
I suggest you keep it private like when Ryan was a soldier

Track Name: So Much
Verse 1:

How many dollars does it take before they start to call you fake, before you're no longer awake?

How many starving artists break?
How many people can relate to drinking Dom and eating steak?

(That's food for thought)

You might of thought that the grass was greener, but all that glitters ain't gold, that's a brass patina
Niggas tricking off their cash knowing that's their reup, and can't hold shit down like acid reflux man
Ain't nothing going on but the rent,
So why you putting up a front like you're the one percent
If the president was Mitt, you'd probably have a fit, same government, tho cuz niggas ain't tax exempt,

There's so much more to life (4x)

Verse 2:

How many vacant homes destroyed?
How many people unemployed and tell me how we fill this void?

Do hoodies make you paranoid?
Which one have you enjoyed?
iPhone or Android?

(I got a 4, and look)

I was bout to cop the 4S, then I thought about it, man I don't need more stress,
First one died in the washing machine, got the second one, next I fucking cracked the screen,
The Father got a sense of humor, every time I play consumer, looking at this bitten apple on the back of my computer
Now does this make me Adam on the Eve of destruction?
Siri spelled backwards is iris, do they see me or something?


Get Down (repeat 16x)

If you're taught to get the bread but never how to bake,
You'll  try to get ahead and only get the ache,
A lot of brothers live to tread and never get the lake,
Claim the earth as their stead and only get the quake,
If I could be a martyr for the diaspora, I would throw a Bon voyage party just to leave tomorrow,
sayonara to Yen Dollar, but what can death offer, when there's so much I haven't yet conquered?

Track Name: Try Too Hard
I'd like to dedicate this to all the intelligent people
because we get treated like a minority

You might do some stupid shit sometimes but you know who you are

It's a lot of us out here though

I can feel it


I make it look effortless
You would think that I was never stressed
But I try so hard
I try so hard

I dont know if I'll ever rest
But I ain't settling for second best
They  say I try too hard
Now don't you try too hard

Verse 1:

I never been about the middle ground
I'm searching for the perfect pitch on this little mound
Still double A, but fuck it cuz I'm still around, but I'm never still, So my acronym is KIM for now, playing on a tight rope like a berimbau,
Living  in the here and now,
But mentally, I'm  in Curaçao
Good weather and women, the things I've been about
the present is a gift, but I ain't pulled the  ribbon out
No turning back so there's no other route
Gotta go in, no matter what the outlet,
I can taste the future mane, my mouths
So when I spit, I always end the drought,
Somebody oughta call a spotter, to get ya little bars up, I'm training like it's Sparta, another song about this rap shit, why even bother? Shit sometimes I wanna quit, Times are harder but I'm sharper


Verse 2:

My Clan's Destined, I always count it as a blessing, thinking back when we were freshmen,  how we never dealt with yes men,  
I think I'm Curtis mayfield the way I leave Impressions,
haters are like craters, You can fall in their depression
Its competitive nature,
It's even better they hate ya,
I never look to heaven for saviors or reverends for prayers,
you can seek the middle man to show you better behavior,
but tell me how you really knowing if he ever forgave ya,
I know we all need instruction, don't be getting me wrong, but the best helping hand is at the end of my arm
And that's the same hand that's been penning these songs, the other hand you'd be shaking when I give you my bond, your grip isn't strong
Damn right I overachieve,
Cuz no one believes in your seeds til you show em the trees,
yo I got a way with words, and never dumb it down for grades on a curve,
I don't owe you shit, I owe it to me


This is dedicated to all those out there with a mind of their own
Thinking outside limitations placed on them

Yo, man I ain't just trying to rap
We're more than musicians just like you're more than a listener

Whatever we set our minds to, man, I'm trying to get it, accomplish it
and it's done

Track Name: Never Leave
For you, babe...


I'll never leave you, I'll never let you go, no (x2)

Verse 1:

I know it's been a minute baby but it's me again,
I put you through a lot but everybody needs a friend,
Someone who knows your secrets cuz you know I'll keep em in,
And plus your window's always open when I need some trim,
But it ain't 'bout that,
You take me as I am,
I turn you on and push your buttons, they don't understand,
How we're ten years strong with the upper hand,
So I know you couldn't do this with another man,
I remember talking 'bout you in my buddy's room,
And when I got you home that shit was like a honeymoon,
Over the threshold, then we swing an episode,
Thinking to myself, yo I know we'll get this money soon,
So I ain't gotta ask if you're still down,
I tell you how I feel, you show me how it sounds,
I know it always hurts when I'm out of town,
But you never got a frown

(I'll never leave you)


Verse 2:

Yeah, blunted lips, we done ran through 100 zips,
The only one who made a sound when they cuffed my wrists,
Made bail, so you know who I'mma come and get,
You might take me for a loop but we come to grips,
It's just reality, no fantasy or make believe,
Your lovin' has no latency, I never have to wait to see,
Logic and Reason lead me to believe you're made for me,
Downstairs, neighbors bangin' on the ceiling angrily,
But they don't know what it feels like to be inside ya,
You got me in your memory, it's deeper than vagina,
A snake can never come between us cuz they stay behind ya,
I'll split it 8 ways before one ever tries to bite ya,
16 bit me back in the day, you panned out a panacea that attacked the decay,
Looking back at it, it's magical it happened that way,
So no random model chick can come and snatch me away,
I'll never leave you


And though you were not my first, I know this will last,
You're my future, no matter how much has past,
You've been there for me, even when I didn't hear for you,
And freshen the old, more than I ever knew

I'll never leave you

Track Name: Work In Progress ft. Truth Be Cold

Work in progress, ya'll
Bare with us

Verse 1 (Yamin):

Smoking herbal and blowing circles
Nonverbally flirting with skirts, who showing virtue
Worthy ones, Proverbs 31, daughters of Zion, some be saying I'm a worldly son,
But still waters run deep,
Can't judge a book by its cover, or just the front sheet
You at the table feelin content with comments
Read a couple chapters first to get the context
I walk around with my chest on convex, still humble as a mumble though it ain't that complex
Suckas be phoning their rhymes in like bomb threats,
And got the nerve to wonder why the people ain't respond yet,
Another pusherman, panhandling projects,
A profits resolves them to being an object,
So let me keep it real and let you know I ain't flawless,  I wanna make a bond this, is part of the process
I lied to my mom, ditched dimes at the prom, but  never have I stole, or supplied marijuan, no coke, no pills, just head show bills, dope skills,
Ahead of my time, behind on bills, and honestly I ain't even got my mind on mills,
...but I got my biz tight, though so time will tell,
That's word to my clientel, I rock well
Might be the one who g'd off I-R-L
Didn't get to divorce you, but you can throw a halo at my horns like horseshoes, cuz now it's your move,
Don't take it as a sore lose, cuz it's plenty more dude,
I'm breaking bread with my people, chew your food,
I turned a new leaf then I twisted it,
Turned the other cheek and put my dick in it,
The vag was a masterpiece, a bas relief shaped like rabbit teeth

And if you're looking for me,
You ain't gotta look in the past,
What the fuck you gonna see?

Verse 2 (Truth Be Cold):

My hood full of drama like a soap opera,
I'm trying to break the curse like a witch doctor,
All I hear is "blocka, blocka" feel it in my chakra
Another nigga dead fucking with crooked coppers
Better come correct or get the shit knocked out ya,
Hit em with a couple "hail marys," "our fathers"
Used to be afraid of hell but nigga, why bother?
Ghetto like the wild West, better pack your revolver,
Can't live like a coward, rather die a martyr
Shit, our greatest fear is power, word to Coach Carter
They shot my nigga dead over marijuana,
No paperwork, just sprinkle a little coke on em,
Youth hurting, just sprinkle a little hope on em,
Ain't a saint but shit, I'm going to church on em,
They say the world is for the taking as usual,
But what profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul,
You addicted to fast money and rap shows,
I'm addicted to cheese too, no lactose
Black folks, I spit it for my people, you know that though,
and she say, that's the shit she can't stand,
Say it one more 'gin, that's the shit she can't stand
She say I'm too cold to be considered a human being,
So pro-black but them threads are European,
I told her carpe diem,
Only God can judge me, what the fuck I call freedom,
Just a visionary, trying to dodge a cemetary,
So I gotta come with something revolutionary,
You know it's necessary just to call it legendary,
I make em think about Malcolm like it's February
Track Name: Co Star ft. Blc Txt and Boog Brown

Yo, star
Tell me baby, can I be your co star?
I'm just saying me and you can go far
Everytime I see you, I'm like 'Oh lawd, oh lawd'


Verse 1 (Yamin):

Amor, my cherie
Star binary
Sweeter than the juice in the darkest berry,
Every now and then, a ****** heart gets heavy,
But only cuz it's larger than your arms can carry,

A lot of them brothers are longwinded,
Talking off your ear til your favorite song ended,
The way I see it, you can either give him wrong digits,
Or tell em you're with me and that we're going all in it,
You put the awe in authentic and auspicious,
Unless you're off limits like museum art fixtures,
And speaking of which, I'd really like to paint a wall witcha,
The color of sweat on our palettes as we draw pictures,
That's a mouthful, baby yeah I'm tongue and cheek,
Just enough that I can touch the freak that's underneath,
Would I be strong if I wait another week?
Might be falling, but I still got that summer heat so



Verse 2 (Blc Txt):

Unspoken rules broken the moment I spoke to you,
But now I'm open, eyes wide, lookin a fool,
A cool dude, but my actions say it all,
See we set it off the moment you samba through the door,
Now I'm somber wanting more (situation I created),
Hope you wasn't disappointed from having high expectations,
Facing guilt in me on how I was feeling,
Truth of the matter, you matter to me I won't conceal it but listen,
I'm not no player, there's layers under my cool,
I wonder if you'll abuse if I choose to remove it, true
Had no clue to what this was,
See I felt that vibe you caught that buzz
We could take our time, there is no rush,
Maybe start in like and end in love,
What I'm saying isn't easy, had to put it in rhyme,
Hope you feel me leading lady, you can throw out a line so we can co star

Verse 3 (Boog Brown):

I wanna get to know ya,
Find out what it takes to be your co star, cuz you are solar
Been waiting so long, your pheromones mixed with your cologne got me so gone,
Prolong the dialogue, bask in the laughter,
Enraptured in your kisses
Got me dancing just to witness
Take a chance, don't want to miss this,
'Cause pretending I ain't interested can damage what I'm getting at,
You make me feel like I'm in junior high, crushing.
Blushing from a late night discussion, wrap my legs around the pillow cushion, Gushing, let me hush up, feel like you're the one
That upper echelon, sun god
Lover like no other, I wanna smother you with gratitude for coming through,
Showing me the man in you, and being vulnerable,
Only a few could ever equal half of you,
Never stand in your shoes, yeah
I'll be your damsel, if you promise you can handle being co star
my co star


Track Name: More Than Kings ft. Gotta Be Karim and Chopp
Die like a man but I live like a god

Die like a man but I live like a god

Generous rings in my reign early,
More than a king, I'm praiseworthy,
'Cause the difference is this, the one who fears God is a lender in myth,
'Cause we savages, listen,
Kill a man, take his woman, his position and prince,
That's a ruler for you, that's what you want, toots?
How about a good boss, keep his own books,
Listen man, it's a simple plan,
Get our family right, you seem to glorify the ones who give the gore and gripe for your life, living bland,
Not one who can ascend and begin a brand,
They'll kill you for some rights and some left land,
Even a king needs a right hand, left hand
But you gotta watch them too,
Remember what I said, it's sinful


Ye are more than kings (Ysh, Sara, Allah) (translation: Man, Power, God)
Ye are more than queens (Ysha, Sara, Allah) (Woman, Power, God)
Being that we're gods, born as human beings,
Being that we're gods, born as human beings,
We are more than queens

Verse 2 (Chop):

They say when God mad man, he made them in His image,
Well, I beg to differ,
We made God from the image in the mirror,
I could quote you many scriptures but my verse is the revealer,
Seek the wisdom of the times and know the difference,
Know where to be inspired, now here be enlightened,
Nowhere but the present, only fear is you the lesser,
Fuck the oppressor (we are more than kings),
No individual empire can stand when there's pressure from the people,
With a tongue that is sharpened by the message,
Cutting lies in the body of truth, while she is naked,
But there's blood at the base of your feet, so who's the shepherd?
Never fear what you've been sent here to do (true indeed),
Take your place at the base of that pool (what you see?)
Bow down at the reflection of you, baptized in resurrection,
No more misdirection


Ye are more than kings (Ysh, Sara, Allah)
Ye are more than queens (Ysha, Sara, Allah)
Being that we're gods, born as human beings,
Being that we're gods, born as human beings,
We are more than kings

Ye are more than queens

Ye are more than kings

Ye are more than queens

Ye are more than kings
Track Name: Gone Today, Here Tomorrow ft. DT

Gone today, can you stay?
Will you be here tomorrow?
Tell me why it has to end,
I just want it back again

Gone today, can you stay?
Will you be here tomorrow?
So much time has passed,
But when can we get it back again?

Verse 1 (Yamin):
Here we go again,
Blow the dust off,
Spring rolls in,
Hold the duck sauce,

Leaves grow green, then golden come fall,
Never saw the forest for the trees with trunks tall,
Easier to notice, see, I refocus then open like a lotus in the motion of the orbit,
Feels like a solstice, better yet a pole shift, moments of closeness that grow into coldness,
And the reapproach, it's all in the process,
Everybody dying, never know who gonna go next,
The sun sets to a whole new day, don't be afraid when it goes away,
Can't get a new moon til its glow can fade, let it go through its phase in the role it plays,
Everybody wanna talk about the older days, but we got more road to pave, so let's go


Verse 2 (DT):

So for me, it's not gonna end,
Cuz when it comes to time, I got lots to spend,
Every day is new, but it's not the trend,
Brand new start from the spot I'm in,
I begin at the ending and continue to grow,
Attitude like I never did it before,
Me and Dex been down for eight straight,
Still feels like we just opened the gates,
And it just gets better, we don't dwell on the past,
Rather use it as a guide in directing our path, and perfcting our craft,
We demonstrate range, prepared and aware anytime it could change,
You get caught up, you'll be drying on a line,
Signal was lost, no new number to dial,
And I don't need an operator to patch me,
And I don't wait around for the routine to catch me or the future to pass me,
The moment is now, The bonus is wisdom, understand is how,
Then you'll find that you can't resist it,
Breaking patterns that you never knew existed

Track Name: Life In Your Day ft. John Robinson

This is what I've been doing it for all along

I've arrived

Verse 1 (Yamin):

Let's take it back - 99,
One crate of wax, trying to rhyme,
Cozy Shawn was my manager at peppermint,
FunkJazz was the shit but I never went,

Still underage, but them was the days,
Defining what I would become, it wasn't just a phase,
peace to Jasz, Talib Shabazz,
I miss Earwax but I can't relive the past,

Remember Fat Beats, Forsyth & Mitchell Street?
Now days the 4th ward is where the hipsters meet,
What happened to all the history?
Sometimes I forget,  It all lives in me,

And lately, I've been thinking I should take chances more,
So when it's all said and done, I'll never have remorse,
Could've took piano lessons as an adolescence,
I make sound tracks, still I want to have a score,

Recorded for the memoirs of a raconteur, with a lot of laughs in store he's  back from tour,
Life's a trip, I don't need a lot a baggage for it,
That's bad habit forming, never going back it's forward


So let us say,
Never let us stray,
Searching for yesterday,
Death soon comes,
But come what may,
Everyday in your life, Breathe life in your day


Verse 2 (John Robinson):

The real problem is we think we have time right? Others stuck on stupid 'what would u do for a Klondike!'
True, We walk a Godly path! It's our divine right,
Music is my life but I don't get caught up in limelight,

Keep the rhymes tight and shine light in all hindsight...
Read study lessons and build keeping the mind right...
Time is an illusion, which been proven by Top Flight,
I had this rhyme in my mind while sitting at a stop light,

Thinking No fair! I really wish Jax was here! But the soul never dies so it keeps me Clear...
Our lifetime is just a glimpse in comparison, so many choose to don't make sense it's embarrassing,
So I choose to challenge them, to elevate their path by balancing, the motion of the tic and the toc, we rippin the spot, yo!

We never set out to be prisoners of consciousness,
We just want to live a life that's prosperous! Go ahead Rock to this!



Verse 3 (Yamin):

I used to think that it was me against the world like PAC
But then I just remember that it's me vs me
Before you lift your voice, can you live with the choice?
Yo I don't need a lot of friends, one could be worth three

Instead of barking up the wrong tree, but trees already have bark, so I play cards smartly
So watch  me claim all my books in the game
holding grudges and letting go are often looking the same

But you ain't getting back the moments that it took to complain, or wonder why some take it hard or end up shook from your gain, my life is far from that perfect picture put in a frame,  but I'm a king so I don't have to rook for a thing, nahmean?